Tailors/designers and Accessory makers can download the app and register as a tailor to allow consumers to have access to their details, when their services are needed.Everyday users, looking for inspiration for clothing and accessories can download the app and have access to those outfits for inspirations or choose specific design choice outfits. The aim is to promote African Heritage in the age of technology. We here at Afriq OKin Native Exhibit love and believe in Africa and want to bring it to the rest of the world. The creative minds at AfriqOkinNativeExhibit have come together by combining the love for Africa as well as technology and fashion to bring the AfriqOkin app which can be found on both google store and ios. The app helps to exhibit African attire, assessories and designs and connects consumers to the artisans that can help bring them to life.
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Welcome to our site, Exhibiting African attire, accessories and Heritage in modern cultures. We bring together African designs & designers on different exhibition platforms. And get involve in multicultural traditional Events Connecting you to African multicultural clothing and events, both charity and non-charity programs to the fore front of the web.